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Latvijas Petroglifu centrs (LPC​ ​) is a non-governmental organization founded in 2005.


We research natural monuments, particular geological objects, archaeological sites and different ancient holy places.


As professionals our people are known for years. The members of LPC are people of different ages and professions united by interest in archeological heritage, folklore, geology and prehistory.


Petroglyphs (petroglifi) in the name of organization are as link between geology and archeology, both of our spheres. 7 years - since 2008 to 2014 we nominated geological objects of the year.


LPC major activities are variety of expeditions and Latvian nature and archaeological site surveys. Regular practices are trips also to neighboring countries - Lithuania and Estonia.


On this website you can find information on the activities of the LPC and also find many interesting things about nature, history, archaeological monuments and geological objects.


Yet the information is only in Latvian. You can also view photo galleries of our expeditions.


Another way to find out about us: - searching: Latvijas Petroglifu centrs.


A well-known and popular tourist destination - Cult stone of Meļķitāri near Aizkraukle town.


On geological questions you can write: biodain[at] or: maris.rudzitis[at]

On the historical and archaeological questions you can write: petroglifi [at]



















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